Friday, January 28, 2011

Overwhelming Decisions

Due Date, February 1st, cut off time for college application.
Why or why do kids leave things until the last minute.
Applying to College/University, at the same time as Grade Twelve exams is likely enough to give a kid a nervous breakdown. On top of this, a job presently that isn't even giving her enough hours to pay for her link to life, the Blackberry, and, finally concluding that there is not enough days left for her to get her driver's license before attending College, if she is even accepted.
It is mind boggling for them to try to figure out what they will do with the rest of their lives. Parents can try to give them some coaching, but ultimately, it is their choice, their life.
All she really knows for sure is, "I want to work with people", not just children, although she would enjoy counselling children who are going through divorce.
I try really hard to not push my ideas upon her, and just give her options.
She did visit her favorite Coach/Guidance Counselor today for a little advice, and some words of wisdom to assure her that ever teenager her age, is going through the same thing, and came away with a more positive outlook. She soon realized that Guidance Counselors are also available in Colleges/Universities.
Questions, shall I go to college close by?, Shall I live in residence? Will I meet friends? Will I be happy? Have I chose the right course? Will I be accepted? Did I wait too late? Where do I get the money? Can I work part-time? When will I now get my license now that I know I can't possibly get it by September? Where are my friends going? Where can I find a better job to make more money soon? Should I date my ex again? The trials and tribulations of teenagers.
As adults with somewhat clearer minds, at least we think so, we can take all this step by step, setting goals. Teenagers with disorganized brains tend to have an "I will get to it" attitude.
After meeting with her counselor, she came home more anxious to explore her options, jumped on the internet excited at the prospect of new opportunity. She is leaning towards Social Service Worker, a two year program with the option of continuing toward her Bachelor of Social Work. Now wouldn't that be something to be proud of? I'm proud already, two wonderfully beautiful, kind girls. If they are not ready to leave the nest quite yet, Momma's cradle will hold her a little longer, and when they do, home will always be the place they can come back to, where they feel loved with no questions asked.
Is she ready for such big choices? Are we ever ready? Big choices continue throughout our life. Most people have five careers over their life time. Don't fret it girlie, take one day at a time. Momma loves and will always be here to catch you when you fall.

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