Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What does ABS mean to you?

They say things happen in three's. Sometimes I wonder if a fourth comes along, does that mean a new threesome is happening. If so, I must be closing in really soon on a dozen.
Let me tell you, it has been one of those weeks. We, our family has been doing renovations. Never in a million years would I have thought that the myriad of difficulties would arise. ...and to think the initial plan was to just change some faucets. Let me give you a break down, before I have my own breakdown.
Since we are replacing the faucets, why not replace the whole crappy vanity, as it was really ugly. I thought it would be much nicer with a pedestal sink. Rip it out.
Upon ripping it out, the floor underneath was found to be rotten. O.K. a new floor, rip out three layers of tiles. Yes, we live a really old home/cottage barn style 1930's home, perhaps earlier. Also, behind the vanity that was ripped out, the walls were very old as well. Hmmm, now, do we really use that tub? Answer, No. Do we have a tub downstairs and a hot tub, Answer yes. Guess what is coming out next? Goodbye tub, goodbye walls. And while I'm at crowbarring the walls down, I accidently slipped, and poked a hole in the drop ceiling. What the hell, it may as well come down too. So there we were three months ago with a bare bones bathroom.
Luckily, Randy is some what of a do-it-yourself man, just takes a little longer figuring it out, but saves us a ton of money. I must mention he also has to put up with my lack of patience and appreciation. I just get so tired of the ongoing mess. Three weeks later, he had the plumbing back together after putting in a floor. The space appears much bigger, and a chimney was exposed. It is rather a funky feature.
Oh yes, I almost forgot that in between removing the bath tub and shower system, naturally the water was turned off.  But the shower head was not, so you can well imagine what happened when Randy turned the water back on from the basement two floors below. I had left to pick up the girls. The water poured down between the floors, into my kitchen cupboards, and into the basement where Randy stood. He called out for me not knowing I had left, but knowing before I left I was using his shop vac. Getting no answer, he flew up the stairs envisioning me electrocuted on the floor. Once again, not impressed on my arrival home as water poured from the kitchen ceiling. And you think this is bad?
After two weeks, the plumbing from the upstairs washroom backed up. Plumber one called, they could not fix, billed anyway. Plumber two put in an access point that was useless, as they could not get through with any type of snake. Billed anyway. Don't forget, our vacation is booked for Dec. 4th, and Christmas is just around the corner, and I have completed my one year contract, and am now dropped to five hours weekly. Isn't life grand? Action: Put all on hold, we ARE gong on vacation.
Now the middle of January, best get back to the plumbing problem. Remember, we live in an old home, cast iron pipes. Randy did get it cut, and worked three days ongoingly to get whatever was solidly in there to drain, hard water buildup? Not sure, but it unclogged a few times only to clog again. Did I mention the cast iron pipe runs through my kitchen?
Did I mention the pipes froze in the laundry room, due to the extreme cold temperatures, -30, creating an overload of laundry. Every time you need to do laundry you have to defrost the pipes with a heat gun.
The cold temperature also knocked out the hot tub,
The sink in the kitchen also clogged, and while repairing it, noticed it leaking underneath as well.
What a royal pain, and not where you think, a cracked tooth on top of all this, no dental plan.
Yesterday, I walked into yet another mess, the hot water in laundry room had burst. You know, that didn't even fizz me, I'm getting so use to the pandemonium.
Today, I pulled in the driveway, and the ABS light came on.........I'm taking that light as, all bull shit, my fair warning light. Anyone want to move in, or want a boarder?
Positive thoughts, we still have heat, electricity, and each other.
Scatter joy and kindness.

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