Sunday, January 9, 2011

Joining the Circus

For those that do not have one full time employer, the trend these days seems to be juggling careers. I've often thought that I should purchase a baseball cap with many peaks, and on each cap write or make a logo for the job I am doing at that moment, and continue to turn this hat throughout the day. This cap would likely end up looking like a full brimmed hat.
A woman's job, waitress, maid, launderer, best friend, wife, mother, lover, co-worker, sister, daughter, boss, and I'm sure we fulfill many more roles for our children, cook, chauffeur, teacher, guider, friend, etc. Now, I know longer think all these things can fit upon my hat. They have now become juggling balls. I have to admit, I am not the best juggler, and sometimes the balls come tumbling down, usually they fall within my house, where meals, housekeeping, and the things that can wait, wait....and wait they do. Add a few more balls, recreation, educational assistant, two school boards, residential counselor, vocational worker, chap worker. I think that covers my careers that coincide with each other all at once.
Gone are the days where you went to work, did one job with satisfaction, came home, and worked at home, I'd like to say relaxed, but we all know that is not the case. We work outside the home, and then we become a SAHM the rest of the time. Where does something fit in this plan just for us?
Being from the baby boomer generation, and juggling careers all my life, I have not had the opportunity to put money towards retirement, nor had the luxury of Dental Plans. I cannot look forward to the days of retiring, as I see myself continuing to work to make ends meet.
Now take a look at the students who are graduating with degrees. The world isn't looking a whole lot brighter for them, as the trend now is to hire on contract or perhaps hire two people part time, and have them job share.
I am looking forward to the 17th of this month, a fresh new beginning working with Seniors with Mental Health issues on low incomes supporting them in the community and in their homes. Naturally their incomes are so low that even if needed, they would not be able to afford long term care, or retirement homes.
This is not a pretty picture to look forward to, is it? Tell me how depression is not going to get worse for Baby Boomers. Sadly,  employment can only grow when Canada's government can once again begin to offer full time employment with benefits, never mind this job sharing, and this contract thing...
Within two weeks, some of my balls in the air will begin to settle to the ground for awhile, but they likely will not get very dusty, as all doors still need to remain open, just in case, as this position although full time, is also contract.
I am getting so good at juggling, perhaps I'll run off and join the Circus.

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  1. Times are definitely getting tougher. The future doesn't exactly look bright does it. Looks like I might be working for a very long time too. Fortunately I have given all my household chores away to my children who complained one too many times. They are doing a great job though and it has taken the pressure off me to be super mum.