Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time For You

Don't you absolutely love those days when you haven't really done a thing. You know, the days were it doesn't really matter if you do anything. The days when you can just sit around, don't answer the phone, the door, just time for you.
I seem to be spending more time doing not much, just browsing the internet, lolly gagging in pajamas all day. It is a refreshing change, although looking in the mirror is not something we like to do on these days.
The funny thing is, that browsing the internet has brought me to Feng Shui sites this weekend. It's an interesting concept for sure. The main thing is to de-clutter, something I've been slowly, attempting at different intervals throughout the weekend. In between de-cluttering, I sit and browse for how to bring more positive Chi into our home. Again, the word de-clutter. O.K., O.K., I'm getting the message, get up and start....
Perhaps, just to procrastinate a little longer, I'll look up my Chinese horoscope. I'm the metal rat, and this is the Year of the Rabbit. Sounds like last year, the year of the Tiger, was the year of speed, and quick changes. The year of the Rabbit is a slower paced year, a year to sit back and plan, and figure out what I want to do with my life. Funny I am reading this now, after starting a blog three weeks ago. Career wise, is also a year of planning, but a year that I will be recognized come Fall. We'll see if the Rabbit is correct.
Tomorrow, I look forward to a new position working with Seniors with Mental Illness on low incomes, working shifts, days and afternoons.  A team of six people were hired to start this newly funded program, as well as a supervisor. We will not be supporting anyone, until we have the program set up.
It is exciting to be included in a ground floor social assistance program from the beginning. As Baby Boomers reach  retirement age, most of them having not been employed full time with contributions to retirement, and having to juggle many part time jobs, I would think mental illness would increase dramatically.
The year of the Rabbit promises slow, rewarding changes. I'm ready for change, and the opportunity to personally slow down and be appreciated.
But for now, like the Rabbit, I must hop along and de-clutter, enough putting it off. Open the space, and let the positive Chi flow through.

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