Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes Life Throws a Curve Ball

Monday, January 10, 2011

Countdown to Change

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.
Have you ever worked somewhere, and felt that "one" profession at
 that "one" place would be the place you spend the rest of your career?
 You were so totally committed. You knew it was the career you were
destined to do. Yet, somehow, it isn't going to turn out that way.
What ever happened to the most qualified, the most seniority, and
 the most experience?
Let me tell you, no matter how strong your union, how high your
seniority, as long as a little clause stating "management has the
right to manage", is enclosed, nothing else matters. Let's not
forget, the little statement, "it's who you know, not how well
you do the job". And really, why bother applying at all, as most
often management already has the person they want applying.
They have had an invitation and often already has a sneak preview
of the job, and often moved into the position ahead of time.
I really thought, the wounds may have started to heal, but no, they
are still as fresh as ever. I have figured out however, that it truly is
time to move on. I am no longer enjoying what I am doing, the spark
 is gone. I used to go to work, and the days would fly by, as I loved
what I was doing. Now, I simply watch the clock, to see when the
shift will end. My motivation to improve things, gone as well.
Luckily, God threw me a rope in December, I grabbed on, and now
I'll be starting anew, a fresh start, a new perspective, a new team.
 It really can't come fast enough.
I can't answer what happened to appreciation for an employee, a
simple thank you for a job well done, a pat on the back, those
things just don't happen. Yet "they" wonder what is wrong with
the moral.
The pitcher on the other team threw a curve ball. I never been
thrown such a lousy ball. It definitely struck me out. I didn't realize
 either, that there truly is two teams. I heard it often enough, but
chose to believe in the morals and values of people. Guess all people
don't have morals.
I'm ready now to start hitting home runs for a new team,

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  1. Sounds like you have had a raw deal. So glad that you have had another offer and have something to look forward to. Let's hope it is all you are expecting and needing.