Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year, a simple statement often said too often, and without meaning. You may wish people a Happy New Year, but truly, they really must wish it for themselves. There isn't a good wish happiness fairy that can sprinkle magic happy dust upon you making everything wonderful. Each of us has to create and live our dreams to make our New Year truly happy. 
Many blogs I've visited over the past week, have asked that we come up with ONE word. This One word must have meaning in your life throughout following year. 
The word for me is "change", and if I can just sneak in positive, that would be truly where I want to be this year. I'm sure many others will also have a year of change.
Sometimes, things happen in our lives, that are out of our control. Things happen that know matter how hard you try to make sense of them, it is an impossible feat. This does not mean we are not angry, disappointed, hurt, heart-broken or sad, it just means, we need to move forward. Remember, we can't change the past, we can only move to the future, and the only way to do this, is with positive change.
In order to move to the future, we have to just let things go. I'm not just talking emotional things, I'm including real things that have gathered in your home, but no longer have purpose. Perhaps it may be just as simple as changing the furniture, wising that was the case at my home, but it is not.
For me, it is changing the furniture, changing my career, a few renovations, and some planning to begin volunteering yearly in third world countries.
This past December, my family embarked on an Western Caribbean cruise, visiting Belize and Roatan. Orignally we had planned cave tubing in Belize, but plans changed when I found Liberty Orphanage in Ladyville that might better use our help. As quickly as possible once docking, we hailed a cab to visit the preschool on the premises where we taught a little about Canada and enjoyed circle time. It was so heart-warming. Their little hearts sent out such wonderful messages full of love, and smiles blossomed, from all of us. We were so touched by what little they needed. A smile and hug made their day. We left enough little treasures that they could all be wrapped up for Christmas. The song "Do they know it's Christmas time at all"? never rang so true for me. In Roatan, we spent a few hours at Sand Castle library learning about a free education program, PIER. I have yet to decide if my volunteer hours next year will be in Belize or Roatan, but do know that I will volunteer somewhere each year in a third world country.
As much as I loved working with adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities and will continue on an on-call basis, I now look forward to supporting seniors with mental health issues. A brand new start with a brand new team.
Of course having a happy attitude goes a long way, and often radiates joy upon others. 
Spread kindness, scatter joy.
2011 Change, bring it on!

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