Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be True to Yourself

Ever have one of those days when you come home from a day at work, and wonder how exactly your morals, fit with your companies? You know one of those days when everyone is negative, when people find joy in stamping on your heart. Working in a field of vulnerable people can really put others on a power trip. Vulnerable people don't need control, they need choice, respect, and love. Last night, I was told that I seem to not let anything worry me, that I just seem so calm and relaxed. Believe me, this is a choice, as I 've come  to realize that those at the top, more often never climbed there by being a nice person.
I wouldn't want to sit at the top if it meant being unkind.
What happened to a world of kindness? It seems greed, and power totally change a person. How many times can you recall how a truly beautiful person, stepped from a front line worker to management and somehow along the way, deceitfulness, became their middle name.
The statement "need to know". Why do agencies try to keep things hidden? How does one truly be a team when there are secrets lurking? Why do people fear change? The answer is..........we are not involved in changes that drastically alters our lives.
No wonder people fear it, we are only told, change is coming. Why is change coming? Are we not always in a constant state of change. Things should be changing daily. Perhaps everyone is so stuck in a rut, that change is scary.
Change isn't a natural disaster, it just happens.
I welcome change, I welcome variety, I welcome non-routine, and if routine is part of my new day,  I'll add some genuine interest, sprinkle in some laughter, joy and a dash of love. I choose to be True to Myself. I will no longer be dragged down, I will let things roll off me, and not feel suffocated by the hands of control. Break lose, make your own change, 'cause chances are, you're not going to like the ones are imposed upon you unless you're part of them.

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