Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wing Ding

For years, I have reserved the date of the annual Wing Ding in Coostown, and never actually been able to go. Saturday morning brought a downpour of rain all morning. Some guy forecasted better weather for the afternoon, so we ventured off anyway hoping he was correct. Chilly as it was, the weather did improve Prior to this, and before it did stop, we checked out home improvement centres, Home Depot, Lowes, and Rona, not likely a good thing to do, as Gardening departments seem to just draw you in.
Lowes, the sweetest little frog decor, watering wand, as well as more solar lights.  For $2.99, they seem to reflect almost a star pattern throughout the evenings. Home Depot, a Toro weed trimmer, toy for Randy. With so many gardens, we must keep them trimmed up.
Now venturing down the highway, let's take #27, for the scenic view, we come upon a gorgeous home that we've never been able to get close to, and they are hosting a garage sale.
The Annual Wing Ding is held in Cookstown, Ontario. This event brings all the neighbourhood together for a gigantic garage sale, seems they all have a ton of very good junk. People have wagons and bags, and just walk about the town visiting tons of garage sales thinking up new ideas for upcycling their finds..
My Finds: five old windows to be used hanging from Gazebo
                Crown moulding shelf for computer room, very heavy, hmmm will it hold?
                Perennials, 2 whole flats of an almost lime green ground cover, $1.00 flat
                           Morning glories, shasta daisies, columbine
                Iron curtain rod with clips
                Weathered little tea cart for flowers
                2 white iron hooks for garden
                Booth china plates, so pretty pinks/greens
Lunch at the Simcoe Theatre, side note, a very good place to see theatre, Footloose is playing in November.Their Christmas show is a great seasonal uplift. The lunch was really neat, many different types of sandwich samples with different fillings and breads, a few pastry samples, and a few fruit pieces. $5.00 plate, well worth it.
Fantastic finds, I'd definately explore Cookstown again at the WingDing, as long as it is held the first Saturday of the month, as I now work every Saturday, but the first one.
Friday was spent replacing all those clothes that accidently were dontated to the Salvation Army.
Sunday, today, hmmm, Doors Open Huronia, free. Perhaps we'll visit some historic local homes in the area. I've heard from a little bird, someone in Coldwater is dividing perennials, which would mean garden expansion. Should I, or should I not?
Oh yes, nature at it's finest has returned to our home, in our home, that damn raccoon,, a fellow at work is a trapper. We will be seeking his services REAL soon.
Hope your weekend was a good one...

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