Monday, May 30, 2011

Practice Wedding Photo Shoot

Finally,  not too a bad weekend. We've been waiting for somewhat of a dry weekend for some time, a weekend where the ground is not mucky. The girls chose some fun, pretty, cheap, wedding dresses what seems like ages ago. Every weekend my stepdaughter arrived, terrible weather showed up too..
This weekend looked no different, but around at noon on a Saturday, it was a now or never moment. After just hollering up the stairs to them to get their butts moving, as we have tons of yard work to catch up on, the sun looks as though it may pop through, or at least chase away the clouds.
Now the girls are upstairs putting on their grungies. They are almost ready to go into the garden. Hmmmm, something wrong with this photo image. Getting ready to garden??!! Mom thinks, well they must be ready now, and yells upstairs, change in plans, we are going to do the fun wedding shoot. C#@*&$, what the heck, "she is so random". Grumble, grumble, wash, curl, straighten, make up, totally different than gardening. Mom thought by the time they get ready, it will be raining.
We are now loaded in the van, with all camera equipment. This is a practice shoot, for the real shoot on October 1st when my neice is getting married, and we are the photographers of the day. Thank goodness for digital.
Three lovely ladies, and three lovely wedding dresses crammed in the van. Mom asked why didn't you wear the dresses, 'cause now you have to change. A short drive, 4 minutes and they are changing in the van. The one dress has a gazillion buttons to do up, and undo on each change, and all three girls had to wear all three dresses. The shorter one without train which started out as the more unloved dressed, soon became the favourite, easy to walk in, one zip and you're ready.
Let's see where can we shoot. Gazebo on William Street. Mom loves Coldwater, the old homes, the government dock and old bridges. We head there, and are greeted by a ton of cars, (note to self), read the paper when traveling to a photoshoot. It was the annual Duck Race, which totally crowds the streets of Coldwater for a fun cause. We arrive at 1:30, the ducks are swimming at two. Change dresses, damn buttons. Hurry off to the first bridge. Off to the town dock. Change dresses. Damn buttons. Heading to Severn Falls, not sure why.... Mom sees a very cool railroad crossing and knows it is a perfect photo op. Snap, snap, snap, u-turn,  that railroad crossing hosts one friggin' bump when you hit it at seventy, as the girls heads hit the ceiling. Guess that is why you slooooow down at crossings. whoops, giggle, giggle.
Skip through Severn Falls, not much here, and head to Big Chute, girls are getting a little tired. Three hours later, man it is going to be one long day at the "real" thing. Stop at Waubaushene for an ice cream, pick up some supper, relax by the fire with a few cool ones. Done Day! Oh yes, don't forget three hours of processing the shots. Enjoy.

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