Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Graduation Week, and the Reno's continue

     Little Red is about to graduate this Thursday, and of course has many plans in store, like a party four nights in a row. She was voted by the class to be the Valedictorian, as long with another classmate. In the beginning she was not sure she wanted this title, but now claims she is not as nervous now that they have prepared the speech. Naturally she needs the grand makeover for this important evening. The graduating girls are presently waltzing around the school in their high heels so they will not trip going up on stage. Of course, my daughter forgot her shoes, and Mom had to once again return to the school after just getting home from the school. Some things never change.
     Meagan also graduates next week, and will be off to Canadore College come Fall. She was disappointed not to get a year book this year. My girls are really quite different. Meagan weighs out what to ask Mom for, while Cassandra just shoots for it all. Meagan wanted a year book, but didn't ask, therefore didn't get. They did end up printing more, she stood in line, and let three exchange students run in front of her, who grabbed up the last three editions. She is now making her own, and quite content to do so. Cassandra on the other hand would just take it for granted that she is getting one. She would not in a million years, put the effort into her own hand made year book. Guess that is why we love them for their own unique ways.
     Finally got around to white washing the office space, and was able to bring in the old door from the garden for the back section of my desk. This will be my bulletin board. I did lose a window in the last wind storm, so now have an empty spot.  The huge shelf mantel is not going to work after all above the desk. It would be too much staff. Reminder to self, the idea is to downsize.
     Speaking of which, I need a garage sale this Sunday, can't do Saturday, as I now work 9-5. I have got to get rid of the Sassifrass stuff. Too much just sitting around, and too much to just simply give away. Luckily, I live on a well traveled road, and should be able to get rid of a good portion. I did develop the best of the black and whites of the wedding shoot, which will proudly hang from sweet little hooks above my old door.
     Haven't saw hide nor tail of the three little kittens, but have saw Momma around a few times, Kind of a worry, or she has just said adiose to them, and they are now on their own. Won't be long until she is pregnant again. I've been snapping a few garden shots daily, and will include a snap with my writings.
.....the dreaded bathroom is shaping up. I hated the white ceiling, so took it down, and will now go with  tongue and groove. I'll be so glad when that is done. Randy thinks another plan is lurking. He is well aware, that I am not content for too long, like an hour max.
     The neighbors hired a tree company to dispose of a large tree. I asked them to slide this way and remove some limbs that were bothering the view from the upstairs window, and giving the raccoon full access to the roof. One hundred dollars later, limbs are down, and dragged to the backyard for burning. A few scratches in the process.
     One more week of training and then I'm on my own with the new job. I'm sure I'll be calling or running upstairs with questions for my trainer.
     Today we are starting "lunch with Mommy days". Even though our family all lives in the same town, we don't see enough of each other. Somehow life takes over, and we begin to take things for granted. Each week, we will choose a different restaurant, enjoy some comfort food, and a few good laughs. We should have done this years ago, but like I said, time just keeps getting away from us. We have to actually book life in, if we want it to happen. Reminder to all, schedule your family in........they are what make us.

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