Friday, July 1, 2011

Proud Moments

Two wonderful girls are blossoming into two fabulous young ladies, and a mother couldn't be prouder. Both girls are so unique, but truly love each other, one wild and crazy, an amazing following of friends, one quiet, subdued, sweet, and now chooses friends wisely after being hurt, and not enjoying her high school years so much.
As she embarks into her college years, Mom is hoping her sweet, kind, personality does not get taken advantage of on her new journey in life. Let her always have some caution, step back, weigh her options, choosing the best direction.
This daughter struggled with English, but succeeded in getting an award in English in her final year, heading into her final exam with a whopping 96%. Who would have thought that one who couldn't gather her own scrambled thoughts on paper in Grade nine would end up winning an English award. As well, she won a scholarship for $500.00, the "Toots & Jean Wallace Memorial Award" presented to a female graduate who has contributed to school life through her participation in athletics and the school community. This student has also demonstrated qualities such as dedication, hard work, good attendance and commitment to her community. From a mother's point of view, this is not the award for the highest marks, but the award for doing her best, being involved in the community, showing kindness and committment. This exemplifies all the morals this Mom tried to instill in her, and proves a job well done. I love you Ms. Meagan, and always remember Mom is just an email, a telephone call, or a bus trip away, and if things are really bad, I can call a family crisis sick day, and be there in three hours.
My crazy wild child, a true red head, full of energy, unable to sit still, was nominated as the Valedictorian a long with a fellow classmate. She is a popular girl with as many female, as male friends,  friends from Elementary school that will always hold a special place in her heart. Over the years, we have hosted "School's Out for Summer" parties which including digital scavenger hunts, go karting, backyard tenting, etc.
Of course, like her big sister, Cassandra had to have her hair done, as well as her makeup. $130.00 later, she came home after asking the hairdress to take down her hair, and with make up done not as well as she does it herself, she re-did both jobs. Lesson learned, "do it yourself next time".
 Along with the honour of Valedictorian, Cassandra also won "female athlete of the year", and received her 750 point school pin, although she really hated the long distance run in Cross Country. She is the unorganized one, just like her Momma, who waits for the last minute and then pulls things together. She is the one who waited until the last moment to pack for her overnight camping trip, stating she would bring the tent. Last minute, she ran out the shed to get it, and off she went. Once arriving in the parking lot at school, she jumped out saying her good bye. Mom drove out of the parking lot, circled around, then asked her "are you going to be warm enough". Yes, she didn't even bring a sleeping bag. Sadly Meagan had to forfeit hers. She was going on a camping trip as well, and would have to beg, borrow or steal a sleeping bag, as last minute, she being the organized one, poor Maggie Baggie.  Mom didn't have time to go back home. Surprise, surprise, it is now time to unpack the tent. What a "ah" or "haha" moment when she discovered that all she brought was the fly for the tent and the poles. A perfect lean to I suppose, but didn't help the mosquitoes. Luckily her dedicated friends baled her out AGAIN.

Unlike Elementary school with no homework, Secondary school will be an eye opener. She will have to become more dedicated to managing her time wisely to complete assignments. Good Luck to Meagan's favourite teacher Ms. Collins, if she gets her for English. She thought Meagan needed a lot of help, God help her when she meets Cassandra. Her Geography/History teachers better be ready for a "just get by student" as well. No problems in the Athletic area. The volleyball coaches will be surprisingly pleased with her skill level.

As you both jump over the next hurdle in live, always remember, "Momma loves"

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