Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Closes

It seems Summer just started and it is over. Perhaps it is because Summer holidays haven't happened for me. I started the new position of clubhouse coordinator which postponed my holidays until September's end. I suppose you could say a brief jaunt to North bay, and very brief, as well as an overnight at my brother's cottage accounted for Summer holidays.
This clubhouse position is a huge endeavour. I have begun speaking to the members, getting to know what they want for their clubhouse, developed trust with the staff, and reorganized a few areas. These changes have been well received, but as we all know change is a process.
Little Red is at her first day orientation for Secondary school, and left with butterflies in her stomach, or perhaps that was acid reflux, whatever, she is feeling unsettled, but anxious to jump in with both feet. She was a little late on arrival. My hope is that she gets involved from the get go, meets some positive friends, and concentrates more on her homework. Let's hope she actually does homework because she is not the most dedicated, and will soon find out quickly, that she must stay on top of things to be successful.
Little Ms. Organized one, except for passwords to college, is also off to spread her wings a little further. Sunday brings a day of new beginnings for her, new room mates, new city, new education, and independence. She is very fortunate to be sponsored by the Metis who are providing her first year of college education. She has met her volleyball coach, who also confirmed an opportunity for a ten hour week job within the college. How perfect for a young student going off on her own. Just hope she realizes the wonderful opportunity has been served to her on a golden platter.
Missing holidays over the summer, made me think of holidays upcoming. I jumped on the computer one day with Little Red beside me, and before we knew it we had booked a cruise. Her response was, where are we going. My reply, I don't know, lets check and see. The price was right, and it coincided with Meagan's week off in February. We will be off on a Carnival cruise to St. Thomas, Antiqua, Tortola and Nassau for an eight day beach/relax adventure. This year we are hoping all five of us can zip away.
We do have one very exciting family event happening this October. Our little deedle is tying the knot. Randy and I are providing the photography. Fingers crossed things go well, weather cooperates, and a good time is had by all. Our family is close, and when together, lord knows what might happen, all good things of course.
My neice is joining my daughter Meagan in North Bay to further their educations, while my nephew has jaunted up to Dawson City to use imagination and creative flair in art school.
As stated in the beginning, change is necessary, and usually produces postive results.
Time rolls on, make the best of each day given to you,

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