Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you for Indian Summer

What a beautiful week, the only thing that might have made it better, would have to been off the entire week. Holidays are coming, just have to decide which few days to clump together that would bring the most joy to my life.
Leaves cascading and fluttering about, fall fairs taking place, and the smell of turkey in the oven, the friendship of family and friends, could it get any better?
It seem likes it been awhile since we have had what you call "Indian Summer". When is it hot enough this time of the year to go to the beach in mid-October? This time of year usually includes the first snow fall, but lets not rush that one.
This week we fed 100 people a Thanksgiving dinner, decorated the room to give members a feeling of Fall, although when they stepped outside, it felt more like Summer. I don't believe I ever attended a Fall Fair, and was too hot to enjoy it, which brought me and my friend into the arena to enjoy a little female country singer who could yodel like the best of them.
Fall Fairs, the showing of vegetables, the noise of the midway and tractor pull, and those so clean cattle being shown by their owners dressed in their white outfits and farm boots covered in trimmings. Elmvale really can bring that country feel.
Guess it turned out to be a good thing that the computer was on the blitz, again.... it made me appreciate the outdoors, played a game of boccee ball, had a visit with family, and shared a few drinks. Not a really busy weekend, threw in a turkey, and didn't really care what time we ate. No schedule. Played a few family games, watched the kids dance their hearts out to Wii Zumba and Let's Dance. Meagan's boyfriend wasn't too bad at this considering his dancing last weekend at my neices wedding, Go Jeff!
Last day of the long weekend for some, just the last day of my regular weekend for me. Today, I will return to designing my neices album, Randy will take a spin on his motorcycle, the girls want to do a fall photoshoot. Meagan will go to Jeff's for his family Thanksgiving, which means little chick will fly the coop somewhere as well. (just sayin')
Tomorrow, it all begins again, we all just have to make the time to appreciate the little things in life,
Happy Thanksgiving, everyday,

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