Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have begun my new rotation, no longer having Friday/Saturdays off, and now beginning the Sunday/Monday off rotation. Can't say I'm extremely thrilled with the days off shift, but I'll get over it. It is now 5 o'clock somewhere, and a beer sits infront of me. really is 5 o'clock.
Tuesday brings yet another transition. I have just completed training the "new" girl for my position, and am about to embark on a "one year" adventure of being the "new girl", the "new boss", "the delegater", the "coordinator", the "cook", the "organizer", the "facilitator", the "coach" and I am sure many more titles. This is my ONE steady career, instead of juggling six. I have now resigned from three positions almost, one more to resign, and only relief work with the long standing agency of sixteen years.
I've been told this is one BIG workload, and that it will take me one year to get accustomed and to revamp. Yes, a BIG challenge.
With Sunday, Monday off, it gives me time to think of the questions that need to be addressed in regards to the routines, the mission, what is lacking, what the challenges are, etc. Two weeks to ask questions job shadowing, and are on your own girlie. Luckily the one that is training is just moving upstairs.
I'm sure volunteers will have to be accessed, anyone???
As I finish the old, and begin the new, my van ran over an Electric staple, causing a flat tire, I ask myself what does this signify in my life, "3/4's full", almost there?, or "about to blow". ......"the tire" ladies........... Lucky for me a fellow was working and patched it up for ten bucks. On the road again, and I'll just keep pressing the gas.

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