Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A change will do you good

Return to work this a.m., like I haven't been working around here the last four days. I have not had four days off for a really long time. not having to take off to a volleyball tournament, a pleasant change, although sun and beer go together too well. I'm supposed to be feeling rested, but need a good night's sleep. Meagan set her alarm for 5;45 am., so guess who is up,..........not her.
One more weeking training a co-worker in my present position then off to orientate for the Clubhouse coordinator position. Looking forward to a change and challenge.
Renovations continue, the beachy panelling and crown moulding is purchased and sits upstairs for the wall portion of the bathroom. This has got to be the longest renovation project.
The Rooster border is down in the office. A fresh coat of Cottage White will grace the walls, perhaps the next few days off. I dread dragging everything away from wall. Luckily it is a small room. I will then take an old door and use it for back of my desk, insert three black and white photos of the girls, and use the rest as bulletin board. The Crown moulding shelf purchased in Cookstown will then go up, and I'd better be hitting the studs, as it is a heavy brute. Atop this will be a plain Pewter curtain rod, from which I'll hang more photos by little clips. The Patio doors will also get a coat of paint, perhaps spray paintedif I can do it evenly enough without drips. The corner of the room is brick. It too will be painted a cottage white. The gas fireplace will remain black.
The "boyfriend" garden that Meagan is working on, is coming along slowly. It has been very hot to do gardening, and she has been at her father's this weekend.
Finally, I will take photos of some of my costumes and see if I can unload them on kijiji. Never ends.
Anyone have time off work, and really take time off?
Just love old pick ups, wishing we could have used one for the wedding gown shoot,

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