Sunday, June 5, 2011

I think I broke my ass, severely bruised

Off today to find a house insulated with Straw. Kijiji brought me to Oro Medonte to purchase yet some more flowers, perennials, Dalia's. Naturally on the way, you have to pass Freskiew Farms. $77.00 later, I sit at home, well try to sit, as my ass throbs.

You know those windows I was bragging about yesterday, well.......Randy says take apart these old rusty chains and you can hang your windows from there. He is off picking up a bolt on his motorcycle at this point. Window number one is hung. Now I must inch my way along the window box, balancing my feet while hanging onto this window. Window is up hanging. While I'm here, I may as well hang the clay fish window charm. Fish is hanging, I'll take down the Solar now, as I'm replacing it, and putting it elsewhere. This is where it all goes wrong.

I am facing East, I step North. The window box goes West. I spin mid air, drop three feet, and reach for whatever the hell I can grab, which happens to be a decorative hose holder with sharp metal vine looking things on top.

I am not a light weight. I land on the corner of the window box, that really is a corner nowwith many sharp points, as the whole edge has given way. I am hanging on to the sharp metal hose thing. My ass is throbbing, but my hand is aching more. No bloody wonder, as blood seeps from my hand as I pull my hand off the hose holder which only causes blood from my hand to cascade further. I catch my bearings, remembering my hands are covered in rust from doing the chains up in the first place. I dash for the hose. But wait, I just changed the hose head to a wand type and can't get it on. Finally hurriedly, trying to rinse the bloody rust from my hands. Not working so well, apply pressure, go to washroom to find bandaid while applying pressure. My head is feeling kind of vacant and dark, and spinny. Sit on toilet now, before I hit the floor as well. Breathe. My cat is wondering what the hell is going on.....
Now I will capture the sequence with film, to show you my predicament. I was walking on the far side of the patio on the window boxes, duh, It is at least a four foot drop, so really smarts when the poundage makes contact.The window is crooked, but I'm not going up there again. Lesson Learned.
The other photo is the not so cute raccoon who has decided to take up residence in the Facia. Trapper Mike, come rescue me please.
5:30 a.m., the little bugger is outside, rush out in my nightgown to block the hole, and say a little prayer that he/she doesn't have little ones,

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