Saturday, March 5, 2011

House That Jack Built

Life goes on. Another five days roll by, weekend is here again, Saturday morning rolls around, and I should be getting this place together, ........more.  but, Saturdays are for relaxing.
These are the morning you just want to sit in bed with a Timmies coffee, check out your favourite blogs, all of which are Shabby Chic reno ideas, and squander away this rainy, soon to be, fingers crossed Spring Day.
This week in "the house that Jack built" ever so crookedly, we exposed the bottom half of the chimney in the kitchen, that leans a little to the right. It doesn't lean as far right as the upstairs portion of course. Now to fix the hole in the wall from the last shower that poured down into my kitchen from the plumbing issues upstairs.  Let's see how do we attempt that one.
Canadian Tire had Sauder book cases on sale last week. They had 24" shelves. That was a little large for the opening created from cutting through cast iron pipes, so all had to be trimmed back to 17" lengths.  Done, and now to just plop it into the space for a set in pantry. On to the framing.
Here is where the blog ideas come in. I'm falling in love with the Creamy White colour. We have decided to leave the chimney exposed and frame around the pantry and chimney.  Cheap pine bead board painted the fantastic colour, framed with some pretty moulding, good mould this time....
and, while we are at it, Creamy white Crown moulding to seal the deal. Randy thought I was buying floor board, and couldn't figure out why we needed some wide trim on the top of the walls. Tried to explain that a crown is worn on top of your head, hence Crown goes on the top of a wall. We all know who the Queen is around this house that Jack built.
My painting is done, but think I'll also repaint a few walls, in the kitchen, Creamy White. Jack is now gone to start the framing. (I thought, the bugger went to the other computer, and is delving into his favourite hobby photography, I guess it is framing, but not the framing he left the room to do) The problem is he knows all the tips, but hasn't got the balls to ask those he is shooting to actually "move" to make a better photo.
The real framing should take him about six hours for a one hour job, but he'll get it done. Luckily Jack doesn't charge by the hour.
I'll give him a little while, finish my "Tim's", and try to understand and enforce Oprah's motto, "if you don't absolutely love it, get rid of it". The garage sale that was supposed to happen last Fall, has to happen this Spring,
....have a great weekend,
Queen Darlene

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