Monday, March 7, 2011

Shabby, not so chic

Kitchen is coming along nicely, (will post a few photos soon) once Randy figured out that the crown moulding goes on the top, and the square side goes along the top. (ruined the first one, but managed to salvage the majority of it). I then thought the shelf/pantry we modified would look absolutely fabulous Shabby Chic, (kind of a washout barnboard) I purchased a Creamy White paint with primer in it, thinking this should do the job. Hmmm, shabby, not so chic. But I like it anyway.
The bookcase/pantry shelf purchased from Canadian Tire, one of those Veneer jobs, didn't take too kindly to being shabbified. I got a feeling, it won't be long before we have to sand that shiny painted veneer off, and redo, as the paint likely won't last, but until will do. It is really very charming with my two daughters photos, one on each shelf accompanied by some sweet little birds and a few Springlike items. Even better, counter top space has reappeared.
Randy is getting quite worn out with all the reno's, dare I tell him he really hasn't finished....the upstairs bathroom, hiding all the cords from that HUGE television he just had to have, and to try to make the laundry room that I just cleaned walkable again, and tidy up the mess in the dirt floor basement where he quickly piled things to get to the plumbing disaster. Aww, the joys of a 'reno' home. We'll take a break now, though, as I don't get paid for a little bit. Lots' of year end stuff impending at work. Seems everywhere I work, year end is in March.

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  1. Good luck finishing all that!
    I just found you through the Artist Blog Hop.

    If you have time and interest, I'd be honored to have you check out a little project I'm trying to get off the ground! I'd be happy to extend the mailing date if necessary.