Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still shabby

Help Rachel Ashwell or Mr. Holmes:
I tend to be getting no where fast.  Clutter, clutter, clutter, Could someone please bring me one of those huge dumpsters. I've got bits and pieces of what I want, and lots of what I don't want. They say Feng Shui lets energy flow through your home, My goodness it is blocked solid. I can't wait for Spring to just escape to the backyard for a change.
I did pick up some nifty Brass lamps with a very sweet design, and some Baby Pink shades with beading. for the new office. As well, I hit up Kijiji for a round Pedestal Dining table $25.00 with four chairs, that is now covered in stuff until things get situated. When?? a good question. A few more pieces of furniture need to be switched up, from upstairs to down, but this can't be down until the "rooster" border is torn down. Not my favourite job. Ode to self, "I will not put up borders, EVER again". The French Patio doors need a coat of paint, but warmer weather must arrive first.
The desk is now White, as well as the the two $5.00 End tables. They need the edges sanded and then distressed. Add that to the list. Maybe add myself to destress.
Now for a back track. The lovely little shelf unit created where we had to tear out the kitchen wall due to the flooding from the upstairs bathrooml did not take well to the primed paint purchased, Re sand, and re paint.
The swap out of Kitchen dishes are pretty well all Vintage White with small flower detailing on some, or just Embossed edges.
Most plastic cups are gone to work for water cups for painting replaced with a mix of glassware. So far so good, not a broken glass yet, well at least nobody has told me of the mishap. I guess the little ones are growing up. Problem is the youngest tends to take the biggest cup, fill it, drink half and leave it.
Changed passwords on computers, as it seems this addiction to facebook, has taken my youngest way off track from her bedroom as well. She seems to have claimed my laptop.
Then there is shift work. Over to afternoons for the next few weeks. Perhaps the daylight hours will assist in getting some things done. It seems weekend hours are sucked up taking kids to volleyball tournaments the next four weeks.
As for the eldest, still hasn't decided about college choice. The latest---"wouldn't it be cool to live in North Bay with my cousin, she could do Nippising, I could do Canadore". Such a big choice for them at such a young age.
As I take a peek out the French Doors into the garden, I give a second thought to escaping to the garden, as I see the hot tub cover needs replaced, the drainage from when we first moved in, is still in disrepair,
So, Rachel, Mr. Holmes, could you please bring a concrete drain specialist, a hot tub technician, as the pump is gone in the hot tub, as well as a representative from Better Homes and Gardens. I will leave for a well deserved vacation, and come home to a completed, home. Isn't a home for relaxing at some point?
You gotta wonder,
Yours in reno's...

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