Saturday, February 26, 2011

Promise to self to spend more time in Garden this year.

......and for those of you who have Spring Fever, let me remind you not to go anywhere need HomeSense this time of the year. Your bank account will drain drastically.
Spring is absolutely my favourite time of the year to visit Home Sense. I simply cannot avoid the cascading colours of pinks, blues, light green, mauves, bird houses, lanterns, etc.
Yesterday, I found the most wonderful Solar lanterns, they are huge, of course I had to get them. When you see others putting two of them in a cart as quickly as possible without even thinking twice about it, we say to ourselves, "that must be the thing that everyone is going with this year", and promptly drop two into our own cart as well. They are fabulous. Oh, and I just must have that mauve bird cage for the garden too, a great companion for the Ivory one I already own. I could have gone over the top, as I fell in love with 80% of the store.
Ah, the colours of Spring. I adore the Shabby Chic look, and the time worn look. This would be the look I'd love to capture in my humble Abode. So far, I have the Shabby and time worn mastered. It is the Chic part that is missing. Note to self, if you bring something new into the home, you must get rid of something old. Definitely a hard lesson to learn, remembering that old is part of what makes a Shabby Chic decorator.
Now on to Winners, not only decorative, but fashion to boot. I had to hold the reins here a little tighter, and ended up walking out with two clearance sweaters, ten bucks for the two of them. Now that is a steal.
Next stop, Michaels Craft Store. They have the sweetest little Spring collection called Ashland. Once again, pinks, blues and greens, with birds, flowers, and the Shabby Chic feel.  Gotta haves.... Hmmm, the Valentine section is reduced 90%, they are giving them away. Funky little red glass, and clear vinegar bottles with vintage labels adorned with tiny roses. They would make the prettiest little fresh flower holders. .33 cents a piece. Being that its March, the calendars are now .15 cents. They would be wonderful for scrapbooking, and look this one even comes with frames. For you avid scrapbookers, Tim Holtz inks are 40% off today, suppose I should add a few colours to my collection that I never use.
Now, I must run.
Remember that nightmare bathroom, it still isn't done. Off to purchase 2x4's and some bead board at Home Depot, or was it Rona? Seems like ages ago when we started the reno. Shabby yes, chic, not yet.
Eight more weeks, Spring will blossom in Ontario, I hang my lanterns, wait for the birds, and maybe even sit on the crapper in the updated Shabby Chic bathroom, without the tub.
.........and what are you planning for your Spring Garden reno's?

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